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Battles Joined

April 2, 2010

Japanese maple saplings carpet the front yard. Meanwhile, the one we’ve grown in a pot for a year and planted where we wanted a tree has been mauled by squirrels. The bastards would’ve gotten in my raised beds were it not for bird netting.

The lettuce is fine. I’ve also planted one mature tomato plant, two Blue Lake green bean plants, a bell and a jalapeno pepper plant. I’ve planted seed for peas, zukes and cukes. I wish I had a fourth bed for onions and maybe another for herbs.

I discovered yesterday the cause of my latest blog hacking. It turns out I have ISP accounts with IPower, as well as IX Webhosting. The former was handling domain registration and the latter was hosting my apps and files. I didn’t realize that when you point the domain DNS to another ISP, the ftp account moves with it. There it was with the old unsecure password. So, you know what that means. I’m coming back.

There’s just no way I can hang out here. I miss Atahualpa.

The dandelions are appearing and I’m burning a five gallon bucket of gumballs per week. The fescue I planted out back last year is taking full advantage of the fertilizer and nitrogen I cast. You can almost watch it grow.

I changed the DNS for my website to point to the old ISP. See you there.

BTW, the Wife’s stores at their new locations on State Street are normally mobbed and she is considering hiring more help. She is deliriously happy.

I feted her last evening with tilapia purchased at Food Lion for half price, salted, peppered, rolled in flour and fried in butter. We also enjoyed Bud Light Golden Wheat. Good stuff.

We’re almost out of the expensive Pakistani Basmati we picked up at Super G recently. It’s outrageously good.

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