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Knight’s Conscience

September 22, 2011

From Allen Johnson at the N&R on Tuesday:

Mayor Bill Knight did not show today for the League of Women Voters mayoral candidates forum.

All the other candidates were there.

Knight cited in a terse written statement that he had decided not to come because the League was a party to a lawsuit against the city over the landfill issue.

Uh, that particular lawsuit was settled last week.

Is the mayor holding a grudge? I don’t think so.

I believe Bill Knight to be a fundamentally decent man who has, in his relationship with DH Griffin as shepherded by councilwoman, Trudy Wade, gotten in over his head and perhaps engaged in some activities of which he is not very proud and possibly terribly ashamed.

I also believe the Mayor to be a good Christian. As such, he knows that confession is good for the soul. Toward that end, I suggest that, if he has not already done so, he seek the advice of an attorney and then present himself before a magistrate if criminality is involved.

The Greensboro voters know something shady went down with the landfill deal and DH Griffin. The sooner Knight, Danny Thompson, Mary Rakestraw and Wade confess their parts, the sooner they can suffer whatever punishment is due, whether it be a fine and/or imprisonment, and begin to get on with their lives outside the realm of politics as private citizens.

Concerning DH Griffin, their letter on Tuesday, withdrawing the bid prior to the council vote, after losing the recusal lawsuit, indicated a marked change in behavior. It was as if, after trying every dirty trick imaginable and failing, they were attempting to smooth the waters with kind words. The impression was left that they had something to hide and would suddenly like to have the whole matter forgotten. Good luck with that.

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