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Why I’ve Always Despised Bob Schieffer

November 25, 2011

From Glenn Greenwald at Salon:

[O]ne almost never hears in establishment media discourse anyone advocating the view that is commonplace in the Muslim world and many other places on the planet: that the real aggressor is the country that is continuously bombing, invading, drone-attacking, occupying, overthrowing, arming and covertly subverting countless other countries. Media stars like Schieffer find such views so wrong — offensive even — that they should not even be aired, despite how commonplace and influential such views are in so many parts of the world. That’s why he cannot even maintain his objectivity mask as Paul expresses those views: it’s like someone is dumping chlorine down his throat. Again, Schieffer has every right to be a blind nationalist; he should just stop feigning “objectivity.”

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