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Golden Gate is Dying

January 15, 2012

I’ve been taking it in the chops all day at Ed Cone’s and here. I can chase dumb conservatives at will, but one mention of the “J” word and they scream like little girls. Anyway, I was so taken with the last part of her sentence that I completely ignored the first part:

I won’t miss the GG Starbucks…

Here was a card-carrying liberal failing to lament the demise of a Starbucks. This only happens when a franchise is in an undesirable part of town. And while I’m not known for being incredibly sensitive, neither is this comment toward the employees or the customers, for that matter. Now that they managed to drive the other coffee shop on State Street out of business, that area will have nobody. It’s nearly criminal. But the circumstances are inconsequential to those fortunate to live on the other end of Cornwallis, where scores of places sell a good cup of Joe.

My Wife has a Tassimo and will make do, but we’re back to a lack of convenience for people dropping off and picking up their kids at one of the several schools nearby. You can be sure that the moms at St. Pius X won’t stand long for that.

And God love’em for trying, but Trader Joe’s ain’t coming to Golden Gate. The demos don’t work. For all the shit I give them, I’d rather have Deep Roots. I think the overture of aid from council signals the reality that Deep Roots can’t afford the lease downtown. When the smoke clears, the old H-T location looks pretty good. And with the help of some local benefactors, it could happen.

Lest anyone forget, a big reason for the decrease in traffic at Golden Gate is the closing of the license plate agency. And now we have Guilford County planning to open one to take some pressure of the single remaining office on West Market. It would be nice if someone would reopen at that location, but I expect the county has property in which to place the office.

As to the issue of whether the county should be going into business, I figure one employee is as likely to engage in illegal activity as another. The only reason the GG office closed is when the employees got popped, the owner decided to not renew the lease and retire his permit. And perhaps if the county does not become involved, someone might reopen the old location.

There again, we’re talking about a significant inconvenience to the community. Now I’m starting to wonder if closing the license plate agency helped cause the demise of the Harris-Teeter. I’m sure it didn’t help. But much bigger stores on Lawndale and Pisgah Church sealed that deal.

To be more circumspect, the opening of the giant WalMart on East Cone sucked the life out of everything for miles around. And I can’t have a problem with that because again, the community really needed it. Hell, I was working on a computer off Hicone yesterday, and that Walmart saved my ass.

So, it seems that GG has suffered several major insults to its traffic over the past year and the closing of Starbucks next month is merely the natural result. I suppose the real question is not whether we can get a new tenant for the H-T, but if the Food Lion can survive a Walmart Super Center.

Everybody near Golden Gate should probably get a Tassimo.

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  1. January 16, 2012 9:44 am

    My last comment at Regency Centers was meant for this post…

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