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Wade Opposes Same-Sex Marriage Resolution

February 6, 2012

From Amanda Lehmert at the N&R, citing Greensboro city councilwoman Trudy Wade‘s letter:

Dear Fellow Citizens:

On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, North Carolina voters will either pass or reject “Amendment One.” This amendment defines the institution of marriage as between one man and one woman.

This Tuesday, February 7, the Greensboro City Council will vote on a resolution to oppose the Marriage Amendment. In doing so, the Council demonstrates its disdain for family values, and lack of respect for the institution of marriage, which is supported by the overwhelming majority of North Carolina’s citizens.

The City Council resolution claims to be a reaffirmation of Greensboro’s commitment to be nondiscriminatory. In reality, however, it is a frontal assault against the institution of marriage.

As City Councilwoman, it is my responsibility to alert my constituency to Council actions that impact them. It is also my responsibility to be a voice for my constituents on the issues that matter to them.

It is important that the citizens of District 5 understand that I am against the City Council’s resolution to oppose the Marriage Amendment. In contrast to the writers of this resolution, I do not believe that the passing of the Marriage Amendment would in any way compromise the City of Greensboro’s ability to be nondiscriminatory in policy or practices.

To be clear, I am convinced that most citizens of North Carolina believe that marriage:

• Is the sacred union, ordained by God, of one man and one woman;
• Is the backbone of the family, an institution that benefits individuals and society, and which the state should encourage;
• Generally provides the best possible emotional and nurturing environment for children;
• Encourages familial responsibilities from the parents of children, thus protecting children;

Therefore, I cannot and will not support the City Council’s resolution to oppose the Marriage Amendment.

The May 8th election is an important one for the future of our state. The very basis of our legal system — our Judeo-Christian principles — is on the ballot. I hope that each citizen will register to vote and make sure that conservative family values are not compromised in our great state.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this important matter.


Dr. Trudy Wade, Greensboro City Councilwoman, District 5

I will attempt to take the high road on this by merely stating that Wade has not accurately framed the argument. The same-sex amendment, while seeking to re-affirm the existing statute which ensures that marriage can only legally exist between a man and a woman of legal age, also seeks to proscribe civil unions/domestic partnerships. By the wording of her letter, Wade ignores this basic point. Also, she is wrong that the amendment, by opposing civil unions/domestic partnerships, does not discriminate. And despite her words, the amendment would harm the children of such unions/partnerships by denying them basic rights of protection and healthcare.

Several cities across North Carolina have or are in the process of officially recognizing civil unions and domestic partnerships precisely so that benefits and protections offered to married couples and their children can also be afforded these citizens.

Not only do the majority of Greensboro citizens support the upcoming resolution opposing the amendment, we would also like to be one of those cities which recognizes civil unions and domestic partnerships.

With the inaccurate, misleading, false and some might say hypocritical wording of this letter, Trudy Wade consigns herself to that shameful pantheon of reprobates otherwise known as dumb conservatives.

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