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Gay-Hating is Just the Start

February 8, 2012

From Chris Hedges at Alternet in 2007:

The unspoken truth is that Christian men are required to have a personal, loving relationship with a male deity and surrender their will to a male-dominated authoritarian church. The submission to church authority is a potent form of emasculation. It entails a surrendering of conscience and personal control and deadens emotions and feelings. Glorified acts of force and violence against outsiders, against nonbelievers, compensate for this unquestioning submission. The domination that men are encouraged to practice in the home over women and children becomes a reflection of the domination they are taught to endure outside the home.

Hedges beats around the bush, but the truth is Christian fundamentalist men are gay and don’t even realize it. If they were completely honest, there would be a sacrament wherein the faithful would be anally raped by Jesus.

How will the nation function rationally if homeland security depends on an elusive piety as it is interpreted by the Christian right? And most ominously, the fringe groups of the Christian right believe “Bible-believing Christians” have been mandated by God to carry out Christian terrorism, to murder doctors who perform abortions and godless Muslims. In a time of anxiety and chaos, of overwhelming fear and uncertainty, how many more will be prodded by this talk of terror and divine vengeance to join the ranks of these Christian extremists?

I’m not sure if the social retards pose an actual threat. They’re pretty dumb and a lot of fun to taunt. Watching them lose their composure is excellent entertainment. Forcing tolerance on the intolerant subjects the cruel to cruelty. The symmetry appeals to our sense of fair play.

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