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Guarino on the City Council

February 11, 2012

From The Evil Dr. Guarino:

James Hinson in charge of the GPD racial profiling committee; closed small group meetings for council members with city staff; the Southern Coalition for Socialism writing the city’s policies on waste disposal; no tenant for the Bessemer Shopping Center; no city manager; no city attorney; $12 million of the city’s water fund diverted to develop Roy Carroll’ property outside the city; $100 thousand for Joel Landau’s grocery store; an ill-conceived plan to have Matt Brown run a new performing arts center– with Robbie’s campaign manager given a job to develop the proposal; and a bouquet thrown to the local homosexual community under the guise of “economic development”.

Wow, that’s pretty cynical. If the black community doesn’t have a problem with Capt. Hinson running the Bias-Based Policing Committee, then I can’t imagine why the rest of us would care.

Not allowing more than two city council members to meet without advertising a public meeting seems a little stringent. Transparency may be affected, but hashing every decision out in front of the citizens like we had with the previous council wasn’t great, either. And that practice still didn’t stop them from going behind our backs on reopening the landfill.

Inviting the SCSJ to recommend a process for waste disposal makes sense because they represent those most affected by reopening the White Street Landfill. Three conservative councilmembers lost their reelection bids largely on that issue and so it seems only natural that the mandate of the voters be respected.

I’m at a loss to explain how council could have forced Save-A-Lot to locate in Bessemer Shopping Center. After all, there’s a Super Walmart just up the street.

I am under the impression council has engaged a firm to secure a new city manager and acting city attorney, Tom Pollard, seems to be holding up well when given the opportunity to offer multiple opinions on an issue.

The residents of Forest Oaks and Lynwood Lakes have been assessed money for years in preparation to extend them city water and providing water and sewer facilities to them and the I-40/85 corridor is a fundamental requirement for development. If Roy Carroll happens to own some of this land, then good on him for having the vision to invest there.

The $100K forgivable loan to help Deep Roots Market, a local co-op, locate downtown seems a small investment for an area desperately in need of a grocery store.

While it’s true that the PAC was rudely suggested, allowing the Greensboro Partnership, even if it employs the Mayor’s campaign manager, to perform the process of site selection and development makes sense.

As for the notion that the resolution to oppose the same-sex marriage amendment was “a bouquet thrown to the local homosexual community under the guise of ‘economic development’,” it has been made abundantly clear to anyone who is paying attention that the wording of the referendum which precludes civil unions and domestic partnerships has the potential to affect us all. Otherwise, it would have no conceivable effect on “economic development.”

18:00: It has come to my attention that the SCSJ wrote the policy for the landfill and the task force is being promoted by the Citizens for Economic and Environmental Justice.

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