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The N&R’s State Street Hatchet Job

February 26, 2012

From Tina Firesheets at the N&R:

It’s a quiet street these days: Empty retail spaces. Less foot traffic. Long-standing businesses have made adjustments to stay in operation.

State Street is no longer the thriving retail district it once was, a result of the economic decline seen throughout the country. But many of its merchants say they wouldn’t be anywhere else. And the company that owns most of the buildings promises redevelopment soon.

In order to secure the theme of the story, the reporter conveniently fails to mention the many thriving businesses on State Street, including Second to Nature, Lillo Bella, Earnhardt Optical, Rubenesque for Less Plus Size Consignment and Linnea’s Plus Size Boutique. Additionally, there are a dozen salons, a couple of design firms and other small businesses doing very well.

There’s even a successful new restaurant, The Secret Tea Room, but these businesses don’t help to forward the mistaken notion that State Street has fallen on hard times. Instead, they cite businesses with broken models and owners reaching retirement age who have either moved elsewhere or closed shop.

As the Wife mentions to customers at her wildly successful businesses on State Street who comment on closures, show me a shopping center which hasn’t suffered.

The real story in the neighborhood is one block over, where the Harris-Teeter is gone and Starbucks will shut its doors in a few days at Golden Gate Shopping Center. This is just one more recent example of shamefully inaccurate reporting by our abysmally run local daily.

As to the supposed success of those who moved downtown, one is a cry for help from a serial shopping compulsion and the other, a high end optical shop, is the result of the theft of a State Street business’s customer list.

The Wife has left a curt voice mail with Ms. Firesheets accusing her of reporting from her desk on East Market.

19:00: Roch posts about my reaction. I’d thank him there, but can’t get past the captcha.

20:00: Ed thinks I was a bit too negative, but precious few opps arise to use this blog on behalf of the Wife. She’s had a chance to speak with a few of the owners on the east end of State Street and they are livid.

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  1. February 26, 2012 5:39 pm

    Dude, they can’t afford to mention that there might be any great places to shop other than downtown. Anything else risks destroying the illusion that we must spend like there is no tomorrow so that downtown can continue to grow our city “from the center out.” Give them a chance and State Street will look like the little green circle.

    ‘Tis the nature of the downtown beast.

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