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Guarino on Carroll’s $1M Donation

February 27, 2012

From The Evil Dr. Guarino:

We learned that local developer Roy Carroll made a donation of $1 million to Greensboro College. Readers will recall that Carroll has not been above the practice of seeking incentives from local government, and giving generously to the campaigns of local elected officials who grant these incentives. In fact, one can readily infer that it was local taxpayers who gave the money to Greensboro College. They give money to Roy Carroll, who in turn gives money to the college. It turns out that all of us taxpayers are exceedingly generous toward local private higher education.

That right there is some really convoluted logic. It’s bad enough that Roy Carroll has been repeatedly accused of colluding with Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins, his broker on several commercial real estate deals, most notably Center Pointe. To date, I am not aware of a shred of proof that anything improper has occurred in Carroll’s attempts to develop property downtown and more recently in the I-40/85 corridor. But to suggest that any of the monies awarded by the city to Carroll in the development of Center Pointe or anything else somehow ended up going to Greensboro College, where his daughter matriculates and the donation is sorely needed, defies reason.

Guarino’s contention is unbelievably less credible than those regularly made by The Short Bus Bloggers at Triadwatch. Perhaps even more disgusting is the barely veiled envy of Carroll’s wealth and influence. It is despicable that these cretins debase the most admirable ambitions toward public service as demonstrated by charitable contributions and urban revitalization. Thanks to the economy and federal laws regarding condo financing, Carroll can’t fill Center Pointe with tenants and therefore has yet to profit from the venture. Also, he has sat on property in eastern Guilford County for years, paying taxes and maintaining the property with the hope of someday being able to finally capitalize on the investment.

I am unaware that Guarino or his idiot minions have invested in the community or made any charitable contributions. That they should regularly impugn those who make a habit of doing so is base calumny approaching criminality. Their resulting credibility is so impaired that they are roundly laughed at and admonished by public officials.

The saddest part of all is that Guarino and the social retards regard such ridiculous allegations as jokes designed to infuriate the opposition. However, acts such as Carroll’s donation to Greensboro College deserve the thanks of our community for helping to preserve an essential institution with a long history of making this city a better place to live. To have these interlopers cast such baseless aspersions is anything but a joke, and is instead an outrage to everyone who cherishes this community.

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