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Dunkin on Trayvon Martin

April 8, 2012

From Tim Dunkin at The Greensboro Guardian:

[W]e’ve learned that it was Martin who initiated physical contact with George Zimmerman by assaulting him, punching him in the head and continuing to attack him as Zimmerman was on the ground. We discovered that Zimmerman, who was in contact with the local police per his Watch role, reported being attacked by Martin, and that he couldn’t get away from the younger and faster assailant. We found out that Zimmerman actually shot Martin because of the attack and the disparity in strength between the two, and because Martin was trying to take Zimmerman’s gun (which qualifies as a deadly attack under most “Stand Your Ground” laws – if you’re trying to take away somebody else’s concealed weapon in a fight, it’s likely because you intend to shoot them with it).

Let’s remove the charges of race-baiting and other political agendas for a moment. It doesn’t really matter what happened between Zimmerman and Martin prior to the shooting. The only thing that is legally germane is that Zimmerman chased Martin and shot him. The Stand Your Ground statute has no provision for murdering someone subsequent to a violent confrontation. Indeed, chasing your victim is not the same as standing your ground.

Speaking of which, Dunkin has a history of defending abusers, is on shaky ground and chose to address that situation before others made the comparison:

Hephzibah House is a fundamental Christian ministry in which teenage girls from Christian homes are enrolled when they prove to be too much for their parents and home churches to handle – often these are girls who’ve gotten involved with drugs, alcoholism, even violence. The Hephzibah House ministry seeks to salvage and rebuild these girls’ lives by giving them Christian instruction and a character-building lifestyle in an environment separate from the bad influences that were often leading them down destructive paths. As you can imagine, this sort of ministry is not popular with the types of people who are already inclined to hate conservative Christianity anywise and who would relish the opportunity to corrupt the innocence of Christian young women, and therefore have an agenda diametrically opposed to that of Hephzibah House. Further, many of the girls who have been sent there over the past four decades resented their time there, as one might also imagine – after all, their enrollment is not usually voluntary.

Dunkin attempts to conflate the two situations, when in fact, the only similarity is that he is wrong about both. In each case, he contends that the stories have been successfully debunked, when that has not happened. Zimmerman defenders continue to posit ridiculous excuses for his actions and Dunkin trots out blog commenters to prove the allegations against Hephzibah House are false. Neither are convincing refutations.

As alluded above, and as noted in my previous article, the majority of the “drivers” in the anti-Hephzibah House protests and internet campaign are people who, to be frank, hate conservative, fundamental Christianity and have a vested interest in doing anything they can to defame, accuse, attack, and slander it. We’re talking about people who are pornographers, self-proclaimed witches, atheists, and lesbians. Like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who have both practical and ideological interests in stoking racial hatred as a result of Martin’s death, the Haters have a very real interest in stoking hatred and suspicion against fundamental Christians – and use the Hephzibah House accusations as a vehicle for this.

Dunkin has previously also alluded to a homosexual lobby and sees conspiracies everywhere. What he conveniently fails to point out is that those who are critical of fundamental Christianity are only combating what they perceive as the imposition of Biblical doctrine on the rest of us. Dunkin conflates his critics with pornographers, witches, atheists and lesbians, but that is ridiculous. These people have no reason to attack the fundies, when it is actually the other way around.

It is important to recognize that Dunkin isn’t writing for the rest of us, but merely pushing the much used buttons of the frightened sheep who believe this kind of upside down bullshit. Indeed, he doesn’t care that the rest of us think him nuts, so long as the social retards lap it up. And to them it rings true, because it is consistent with the conspiracy theories they’ve been spoon fed by the fundie media, of which he is a part, and the leadership.

We are quite aware that these right wing authoritarians choose not to think for themselves, but believe in a false narrative which constantly inflames their sense of victimhood, urging them ever forward to a reunion with a mythical Jesus and ascension to a magical hereafter.

Consider for a moment the ludicrous invention of militant gays, pornographers, witches, atheists and lesbians. Their existence in the wild is an absolute fabrication, but Dunkin and his kind desperately need the woods to be full of such forces to make the narrative of persecution work. After all, there simply have to be lots of evil people out there just aching to put a modern day Saviour on the cross. The reality is that fundamentalist Christians are perfectly welcome to think and do as they please – until their proselytizing enters the halls of government. It is against that single form of influence that many completely unrelated individuals have risen.

It is true that standing against the fundies for political purposes offers lots of opportunities to call them names and mock their beliefs. However, that is merely an accident of circumstance, for the social retards are probably the most remarkably ineffectual political organization ever assembled. Indeed, their considerable advances have only come in the face of apathy and ignorance. Every single time their mindless assertions are countered with logic, reasonable people, of which a great many yet remain, are persuaded against Tea Party doctrine. Save for the fact that it is impossible to engage their illogical assertions directly, criticism and deconstruction of fundie policy is fun and entertaining. We invariably come away awed that any element of our society, much less a relatively successful one, could possibly be so deluded and daft.

It is appropriate to note, on this holiday dedicated to the Prince of Peace, that the political ascension of militant Christians is precisely the opposite of what Jesus preached. I’m aware of no exhortations in the Sermon on the Mount to demonize those unlike ourselves. A doctrine of love and mercy leaves no room for fictional persecutors, nor does it require that everyone adhere to a specific belief. Therefore, it is a misnomer to refer to the social retards as Christian fundamentalists, when they are, in practice, anything but.

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