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Park View Development

April 9, 2012

From Amanda Lehmert at the N&R:

Interim City Attorney Jamiah Waterman has ruled that the Greensboro City Council should reconsider a vote on an economic incentive grant to Park View Development LLC — this time without Mayor Robbie Perkins.

This decision reverses Waterman’s on-the-spot ruling last week that Perkins did not have a conflict of interest in the vote. Waterman ruled on the issue at the insistence of local blogger George Hartzman, who questioned whether Perkins had a conflict.

From Triadwatch last week:

I would suggest that this agenda item be revoted like Zack Matheny had to do and seeing that mayor Perkins does have a conflict of interest and in the future when we see any item come in front of Greensboro City Council from local developer Richie Rich Roy Carroll than we also need to see Mayor Perkins recuse himself from these items like we will see at the next council meeting where this will be on agenda.

Congrats to the Short Bus Bloggers.

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    April 10, 2012 6:14 am


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