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Concord Bridge Consulting

April 11, 2012

I first became aware of Concord Bridge Consulting when I looked at local radio personality and vanity candidate for US Congress in the 6th District, Bill Flynn. The principles are the same blowhards who run Patriot Coaching, sans convicted ephebophile, Brett Riddleberger. We first heard of them on Jeff Hyde‘s website in his failed candidacy for NC Senate. They put up an hilarious article entitled How to Talk to a Liberal, which was subsequently taken down, lest we continue to mock it. Well, it turns out these guys also have a new book called Waking the Sleeping Giant, which apparently explores that same idea with lots of historical context. I’ve not been able to find a dispassionate review and I’m certainly not about to read it. Instead, nitwit Daughtry has a recent article at Breitbart:

The left claims that voter ID laws place a special burden upon minorities, who may be less likely to have the required identification and who may be burdened by any costs involved. But Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has reported that Texas will offer the required documentation for free, so the cost argument does not hold in the Texas case. The left’s second argument is that voter ID may somehow suppress voter turnout among minorities, but high minority turnout in states with voter ID should have alleviated that concern.

You get the idea: another advantaged white guy seeking to marginalize the voting rights of the disadvantaged. I know that kind of thinking is fashionable in Texas, but around here we generally take a more compassionate view of our citizens, regardless of education or income.

Casselman and Daughtry will be on display this Saturday in downtown Greensboro for the local Tea Party Tax Day rally, along with presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich. Forsyth GOP whackjob, Nathan Tabor, is said to have secured Gingrich’s appearance, although he’s canvassing the state, so I don’t imagine it was very hard. I’ve been told Tabor is looking to move into Guilford County. No doubt, he’ll also be making a move on the leadership of local political pratfall artists, C4GC.

The Riddlebergers aren’t due to return from the Caribbean until the 18th, so the rally will be emceed by Jeff Hyde and presumably, Isabella Adkins, wife of local strip club owner, Doug Adkins. I’m sure all the local social retards will be in attendance. Expect some speechifying from Bill Flynn and don’t be surprised if Adkins’ BFF, Guilford County Commissioner, redneck, racist and fellow 6th District candidate, Billy Yow, also makes an appearance.

Having humiliated themselves as candidates and elected officials nationally, mainstream conventional wisdom among conservatives has left the Tea Party behind as nothing more than a bad memory. Their racism, bigotry, misogyny, hypocrisy and stupidity as right wing authoritarians have left no doubt that they are false Christians and conservatives. There is no better proof of their infamy than the upcoming NC Amendment 1, which is supported by fewer members every day of the GOP which sponsored it. This effort shows that the social conservatives, in their attempt to demonize the LGBT community, are themselves no less than evil.

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