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Naked Fascism

April 23, 2012

Ed Cone has a couple of very important videos up at his place. Here’s part of my comment:

This amendment is nothing short of an attempted holocaust against the unmarried and their children. In the wake of McCrory’s support, I tried really hard to see it his way, but even casting aside the gay issue, it’s naked fascism. We stop the fundies here or God help us.

I wasn’t alive prior to WWII, when the Nazis were ginning up the German people to blame the Jews for their problems. However, with the prospect of the same-sex amendment, I initially saw gays as modern day Jews. But I was wrong. Unmarried couples and their children are the verboten Juden. One thing I was not wrong about is that the Christian fundamentalists are contemporary analogues to the Nazis. If we are to prevail as a society which values mercy and justice, we must put this evil which now confronts us back in its bottle. Now as then, God is on our side, and yet, without the participation of every freedom-loving citizen, it may not be enough to stem this terrible tide of hatred and intolerance.

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