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Clyde Hunt, Jr.

April 30, 2012

From Town Square columnist Clyde Hunt, Jr. at the N&R:

Fortunately, today we do have studies confirming that children raised in a “family” other than one consisting of one male and one female in a monogamous relationship are much more likely to face great difficulties throughout life.

How the fuck did this get by the N&R‘s editors? Where are these “studies”? They do not exist. It’s one thing for the N&R to fail to take an editorial position on this issue, but it is another to print lies such as these. Sure, children from single parent families, most often with mothers, face immense challenges and society has done much to abrogate them. However, conflating that problem with the proposed proscription of same-sex marriage, when no data exists to indicate any kind of problems exist for them, is disingenuous.

I’m used to biased and inaccurate Letters to the Editor. But for the N&R to solicit social retards such as Clyde Hunt, Jr. and then print whatever bullshit they come up with is inexcusable. The N&R is no better than The Greensboro Guardian.

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  1. prell permalink
    April 30, 2012 4:02 pm

    Thanks for bringing this up. I missed it in yesterday’s paper. Clyde’s column is littered with fail.

    “…there were and are interruptions to this order of the marriage unit (divorce, adultery, homosexuality, etc.), but until fairly recently, these anomalies were rare and unacceptable to society.”

    I’m guessing Clyde believes that divorce, adultery, and homosexuality are products of the counterculture that didn’t exist until after Jimi Hendrix left the stage at Woodstock. Couples have been divorcing and cheating on one another for centuries. There’s nothing anomalous or rare about that. You can make the argument that there is nothing “natural” about marriage. We are after all, animals. Ever been to an equine or canine wedding? Growing up on a farm, I’ve seen many horses fuck but I never witnessed a stud nurture and coddle his progeny. No, he basically went on a statewide tour of other farms where he knocked up more fillies before retiring to become a lawnmower for the rest of his life. He never cleaned-up after his kids, explained to them the birds and the bees, or gave them fatherly advice. Males procreate and women rear children – that’s the NATURAL order of things. It’s never a wise idea for social conservative Bible-thumpers like Clyde to bring biology into the discussion. They set themselves up for failure. As for homosexuality? Men have been buggering other men since the beginning of time and women have been, well, you know…

    Of course, he automatically discounts his argument by providing ONE explanation from a clearly biased source. The quote he provides reads like it was written by a third grader. “Sex makes babies. Society needs babies. Babies deserve mothers and fathers.” Tennyson couldn’t have said it any better. What if father is a raging alcoholic who likes to beat mother and baby for pure sport? What if mom is addicted to meth and likes to prostitute herself to make a bit of coin for that next hit? What if child grows up in a home where mom and dad despise one another, are always fighting, but cling to “traditional” marriage values and refuse to get a divorce? How does a child frame such images over time? I guess ANYTHING is better than a child being raised by a responsible and successful gay couple.

    Clyde calls himself a conservative “by nature” at the end of the column. Does he believe that political ideology is predetermined? I mean, were the first words out of his mouth “Edmund Burke?” And if conservatism were natural, why are there so many liberals out there?

    The N&R has more than enough to worry about. It shouldn’t have to edit (In this case, it should have.) and publish Clyde Hunt’s excrement, and I shouldn’t have to pay for it either. Like Fec said, I can read that kind of shit at The Greensboro Guardian, and I can do it free of charge (Albeit, at the expense of brain cells.).

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