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Guarino on the N&R

April 30, 2012

From The Evil Dr. Guarino at The Greensboro Guardian:

The Greensboro News and Record‘s editorialists have begun to make endorsements in various Republican primaries. It somehow seems silly to pay much heed to endorsements made by a liberal Democratic newspaper in a Republican primary. Their orientation will necessarily be to endorse the candidate they perceive to be more moderate. Perhaps some local conservatives might employ reverse psychology and vote for the candidate our daily does not endorse.

Uh, they haven’t taken a stance on same-sex marriage.

They regularly print articles supporting same-sex marriage.

They have yet to print Trudy Wade‘s lie about the reason for her inaccurate ad against opponent Justin Conrad.

It looks to me like the N&R is pretty much in the bag for social conservatives. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Guarino sees lions, tigers and bears where none existed. Any lie will do to suit his narrative of partisan persecution.

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