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N&R Ignores Trudy Wade’s Lie

April 30, 2012

Today’s N&R has an article called The Inside Scoop.

It also has a blog of that same name.

While the printed version fails to mention Greensboro city councilwoman and District 27 NC Senate candidate, Trudy Wade‘s, lie about the reason for her inaccurate ad regarding opponent Justin Conrad, her failure to respond to the lie remains at the top of their blog, even though this very same space printed the lie a week ago.

Why does the N&R fail to print what has been online for a week? Because it makes them look bad that they didn’t catch the lie. It was discovered by a commenter to one of their posts which put forth the lie.

Additionally, they printed an article listing the legal history of the various candidates, including Conrad’s 1995 arrest for drinking in public.

So, the N&R chooses to disparage Justin Conrad obliquely by including his ancient legal problems, but fails to print a lie told by Wade about Conrad two weeks ago.

Trudy Wade has a rich history of dirty politics. OTOH, Conrad has a long history of community involvement. And yet the N&R protects the former and disparages the latter in the process of protecting its already hilariously abysmal reputation.

BTW, Wade opposes same-sex marriage, which is terribly ironic. However, we’ve yet to read an editorial position from the N&R. Could it be the N&R is afraid of alienating the social conservatives among its readership? They’ve certainly printed same-sex marriage opponents often enough.

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