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The Truth and Hope Tour of Poverty in North Carolina

April 30, 2012

From Clayton Henkel at The Progressive Pulse:

On Monday, the North Carolina NAACP, NC Justice Center, UNC Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity, Institute for Civic Engagement and Social Change at North Carolina Central University, and AARP of NC will begin the third leg of the “Truth and Hope Tour of Poverty in North Carolina.” The state-wide tour of rural counties and inner city neighborhoods continues to put a face on poverty where North Carolinians have struggled to find work, decent housing, transportation, and sufficient food for their families.

Kirk Ross of the Carrboro Citizen posted on Facebook about the bus being in Mt. Airy today. I mentioned listening to Gene Nichol Friday night on NC People and Kirk replied Gene was also on the bus.

From Tom Joyce at the Mt. Airy News:

From 1 to 2:30 p.m. on Monday, a group that will include activists and media personnel will listen to local residents’ stories of need at a site on the corner of Independence Boulevard and Willow Street in Mount Airy. A local organizer said this is the same location near BB&T-Blue Ridge Burke Insurance where a “Bring it Beck” rally was held last Labor Day.

Sessions will be led by Dr. William Barber II, the outspoken state president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and Professor Gene Nichol, director of the UNC Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity.

The “poverty tour” of North Carolina was launched in January in the eastern part of the state to document the economic conditions faced by some residents in the hopes of influencing legislative policy and other actions.

Obviously, this is what Nichol was talking about with William Friday and I only caught the end of it.


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