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Guarino Defends the N&R

May 3, 2012

In yet another glaring instance of situational ethics, The Evil Dr. Guarino defends the N&R‘s decision not to take an editorial position on Amendment One.

From the comments at Word Up:

The big story, which has not yet been reported, might turn out to be the unexpectedly high percentage of Democrats voting in favor of the amendment. If the pro-amendment side wins, this would theoretically provide the margin of victory.

I think the N&R would be very wise to stay out of this one. It has a readership well beyond Greensboro. It would severely alienate large groups of readers if it editorialized in opposition on an issue that many pro-amendment folks regard as very important. It would open the eyes of large numbers of readers that the paper fundamentally did not share their values.

Here’s my response:

As usual, The Evil Dr. Guarino’s opinion is ridiculous. Reasonable people have biases and agendas and expect the same of others. We may not agree with someone’s opinion, but respect it, so long as it is presented in good faith. However, when people stoop to trickery in order to impose their opinion on the rest of us through the legislature, hackles get raised and rightfully so. Such is the case with Amendment One. There are many reasons why a particular person may support, oppose or not understand the consequences. The job of the N&R is to help us find our way and they have a responsibility to take a position and defend it. Typically, Guarino reduces the process to binary partisanship and takes a swipe at the left by claiming some will support the amendment. His supposition is nothing more than that and certainly not some big story which has been missed. He thinks he knows, given the positions of Johnson and Clark, what the editorial stance would be and therefore cooks up a cowardly reason for them not to do so.

Guarino fails to understand, because he is incapable of it himself, that some of the N&R’s readers may not agree with their position, but so long as the reasoning is explained they will respect it.

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