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The Last Imbecile

May 19, 2012

Bill Heasley is not an imbecile, but a competent professional who is no doubt much smarter than me. His blog is The Last Embassy, thus the poetic license, although I have no idea what the name alludes to. Anyway, here’s a comment here from me the last time I mentioned him speaking before city council:

He recently suggested that travelers leaving Greensboro by air pack garbage in their luggage and haul it away. I’m sure he had a point as he totaled up the prospective tons of garbage that would be transported, but to me, it seemed a far fetched, if not nonsensical notion.

Here’s Heasley last week at the N&R:

An item that seems obscured in the entire noise ordinance debate is the progression of events in downtown Greensboro. If memory serves, downtown Greensboro was “dying,” and hence the death of downtown spawned an argument for building a new baseball stadium there.

Moreover, the argument was that a stadium downtown would then attract restaurants, bars and entertainment and hence revive downtown.

Was that not the original intent/sin?

Hence the chicken was created and the chicken did in fact lay eggs. Then the eggs hatched and the chicken and its offspring lived happily ever after … or so it seemed until the chicken’s creator (politicos through the mechanism of government) next allowed habitats to move into the farmyard.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the guy is a little whacked.

And then there’s this at The Greensboro Guardian:

Upon further review, why does no Performing Arts Center exist? The reason is that a very comprehensive economic impact study already exists that precludes a Performing Arts Center. What study? It’s called the “market.” The market, the most comprehensive economic study of all, demands no such Performing Arts Center, and hence supplies no such Performing Arts Center.

I submit that is utter nonsense.

One must note that no private capital formation has occurred regarding a performing arts center. Why? Since no demand exists for a creative arts center, the newly created supply known as the performing arts center would lose money, as a supply would be created with no corresponding demand. Hence private capital formation does not occur, as no return on investment would result. Stated alternatively, a loss would result, thereby threatening all or parts of the private capital resulting in a loss for investors.

There are lots of problems with the AMS report and task force presentations, but that doesn’t remotely address the issues.

Bill Heasley is permanently out to lunch.

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  1. Hamztran permalink
    May 19, 2012 10:05 pm


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