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Haunting Realities

July 17, 2013

From Kirk Ross at Exile on Jones Street:

A lot what’s going on in Raleigh should scare you. The most frightening thing is not what is being wrought, but the cool confidence of those doing the damage and their inability—or downright refusal—to learn from their mistakes.

Just a couple of years ago, heated debates over budget slashing were often laced with myths about financially struggling North Carolinians. The current bunch in Raleigh is more polite, careful with their language and professing concern for the well-being of all. Yet compared to the less tactful old guard, the policies being enacted this year are more callous and will hurt more people.

It’s worse than that. Ratshit bastards like Jon Hardister will spend the rest of their lives dead certain they did the right thing, even as they are continually confronted with the enormity of their crimes.

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