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Jeff Hyde

March 15, 2011

From defeated Guilford GOP Chairman candidate, Jeff Hyde, during his pre-election speech, as reported by Jordan Green of YES! Weekly:

Tony Wilkins can hang out with Nancy Vaughan, Jordan Green and Ed Cone and I will hang out with Thomas Jefferson.

Again for the record, I have no evidence Greensboro city councilwoman Nancy Vaughan knew about or threatened to use information concerning Hyde’s fellow C4GC founder, Barrett Riddleberger‘s, previous conviction for child molesting, in the failed October campaign for NC Senate against incumbent Don Vaughan. Hyde’s repetition of my innuendo is merely wishful thinking on his part and the latest in a continuing series of political pratfalls, representing the most politically disastrous activity by a candidate of any party in recent, if not all of, Guilford County history.

Jeff Hyde is monumentally stupid. Any other description is unnecessarily charitable and does not square with the facts. He formed C4GC with Riddleberger, claiming ignorance of the idiotic act of filming sex with a fifteen year-old at the age of twenty-five. I suspect this is evidence that Hyde is not only a moron, but a liar.

Hyde apparently panicked prior to last night’s proceedings and had Riddleberger’s wife publish and then delete an announcement of the conviction on Facebook while on vacation in Hawaii. That Ed Cone, who already knew about it along with nearly everyone else paying attention, made obvious political hay with this calamitous act doesn’t mean he is some evil liberal, only that he is not also completely brain dead.

Tony Wilkins and the rest of the Guilford GOP officials have been combating the wingnuts at C4GC ever since their announced takeover of the organization. Perhaps C4GC was motivated by the disastrous ascension of Tea Party Christofascist, Nathan Tabor, in Forsyth County. That last night’s vote was so close indicates how the C4GC effort nearly succeeded, despite all their mistakes.

Hyde’s comment conflating Wilkins, Vaughan, Green and Cone illustrates the binary thinking of a bunker mentality. And Hyde is correct to believe himself besieged. But as his comment clearly indicates, the foes of C4GC are not merely liberals, but also fellow Republicans with functioning gray matter between the ears.

The moderate Republicans in Guilford County barely stood against the lunatic fringe last night, with the latter’s continued use of unsubstantiated allegations and fearmongering against local liberals. I am afraid that reason and logic may not save them next time. The booger-eating morons with their whacked out Christofascism will continue to be with us, and while we may continue to have huge amounts of fun mocking them, the throngs of Glenn Beck and Faux News-driven sheeple may, in time, become an idiot throng too large to defeat.

Meanwhile, Jeff Hyde is a bull in a china shop among local Republicans, with several local bloggers losing even more credibility, if that is possible, in defense of his actions and religious beliefs. There have been allegations of a political party eating its own. However, I contend that the brighter stars in the Guilford GOP have remained in the background, leaving only the fools to be destroyed. Indeed, the last minute machinations of the former may have produced a stronger moderate candidate and prevented a disaster.

Jeff Hyde is welcome to hang out with dead people and the fictitious, such as TJ and God. Those of us yet inhabiting the corporeal realm will continue to deal with important issues affecting us locally, and take every opportunity to make fun of C4GC, until their hatred, bigotry and racism overtakes us all like a brainless zombie hoard.

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  1. jhs permalink
    March 15, 2011 10:13 pm

    I was also a bit confused as to how he was going to hang out with Mr. Jefferson. How would that work actually?

  2. March 16, 2011 1:36 pm

    Perhaps he’s having a séance, although necromancy is proscribed in the Bible.


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