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Mosquito Squad

May 20, 2011

We dearly love our home in the North Hills section of Greensboro. I have worked diligently for nearly three years, growing grass and planting all manner of flora. Now that the privacy fence is up, the backyard is a paradise except for the mosquitoes. They don’t bother me terribly, but absolutely swarm the Wife. She works six days per week and arrives home each evening intent on enjoying the precious few minutes before the sun goes down with an adult beverage and surrounded by the cats. However, mosquitoes have made that time a misery.

Recently, she called Mosquito Squad, considered the expense of about $20 per week, and entered into a contract. Wednesday, they were supposed to show up at 3:00. I returned from Bryant Hardware with pavers around 2:00 and began installing them while waiting for Mosquito Squad to show up.

The Wife arrived around 7:00 and found a note in the mailbox that they had sprayed at 1:30. I was dumbfounded. There was zero evidence they had fogged the yard, save for the complete absence of mosquitoes. I was busy yesterday and ran errands today, but I saw my first mosquito at dusk. It buzzed my head and I easily squashed it in my hand. The Wife got home too late last night to sit outside, but enjoyed this evening completely free of mosquitoes.

If what we have experienced so far is indicative of what we can expect this summer, it may well be the best money we spend. So far, I highly recommend the service.

As we considered the cost, we counted the Cutter spray I put out every few weeks, the DEET applied to our bodies, the endless itching and scratching bites and the lost sleep when mosquitoes molested us in the bedroom. Add the potential of contracting encephalitis, and it’s a no-brainer.

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