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Art Pope’s Stooge on Tax Revaluation

March 21, 2012

From Sam Hieb at Piedmont Publiass:

‘Given the troubled economy’—– as the N&R reports—– what a pleasant surprise to learn that Guilford County’s tax values have risen $5.6 billion.

Amazing how gov’t always finds the money.

What the article actually said:

“It’s primarily because of new construction between 2004 and now,” Chavis said. “If you directly compare only the property values on the books in 2004 to their property value now, some values increased and some decreased. It’s probably flat. But all that new construction has been a real driving force in the increase we see.”

In just the past year, the report says, the county has seen new apartment buildings worth an estimated $196 million and a 1.6 percent increase in the value of office building space, particularly medical office complexes.

Ya know, it’s predictable when Art Pope’s Stooge pushes the cynicism of government which is the John Locke Foundation‘s stock and trade. After all, Art Pope seeks to keep the state as poor as possible, so that his trashy stores can continue their predation in beleaguered areas without competition.

The local Austerian bloggers were out for blood when Chavis first published the findings to property owners. The typical unfounded charges of political influence were leveled, when the truth is the county staff does a good job and should be complimented for their efforts on our behalf.

There is plenty wrong with Guilford County government, but the social retards soil themselves when they try to paint obvious good news as something else. As for Art Pope’s Stooge, this is simply the latest indication that he lacks the brains for the job.

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  1. March 21, 2012 4:57 pm

    Far too little information. Buildings built since 2004 have been on the tax books for some value since the building process started and the value on the tax books increased incrementally as the building process moved forward. And tax has been levied on those values every January 1. So the tax collector certainly does not have $5.6 billion more of property to assess in January 2013 than there was in January 2012. It is all very poorly explained.

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