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Davenport on Trayvon Martin

April 2, 2012

From the fatuous Charles Davenport, Jr. at The Greensboro Guardian:

The illusion of pervasive—and murderous—white racism is the lifeblood not only of the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson, but also of ultra-liberal elected officials, many of them, regrettably, North Carolinians. In the absence of the alleged white-on-black racism, what would the self-proclaimed “leaders” of “the African-American community” do for a living?

We don’t even have to approach the case in question to deconstruct this bullshit. I know the social retards think we live in a post-racial world since Obama was elected, but the reality is racism is alive and well, not only in Sanford, Florida, but in our own back yard. Furthermore, Davenport and his Tea Party supporters represent some of racism’s most public faces.

He has problems with a N&R account, but can’t be bothered to provide a link:

In the third paragraph, we are reminded of the simplistic, knee-jerk, leftist version of events: “An unarmed Martin, 17, was shot and killed by community watch captain George Zimmerman….” As far as journalists and democratic activists are concerned, these are established facts, with no possibility of extenuating circumstances or exculpatory evidence.

Davenport is right: Martin was armed with a pack of Skittles, an iced tea, a cell phone and an empty bag of pot, anyone of which was presumably a deadly weapon. /sarcasm off.

Davenport goes on to call out local elected officials for attending the event, cites several examples of black-on-white violence which failed to be sensationalized by the media and presents crime statistics.

He conveniently fails to mention that Zimmerman is half Hispanic. Nor does he consider that no matter what transpired between Martin and Zimmerman, there is no indication that Martin had a legally-recognized deadly weapon and was in fact shot down like a dog in the street by Zimmerman, who subsequently appeared in a police video without a scratch on him.

Whatever happened, one thing is certain: Davenport’s outrage is misplaced and evidence of his own racism.

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