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Davenport’s Turd Polishing

April 22, 2012

From Cheryl Pass at The Greensboro Guardian:

Citizens are disengaged, cynical, have given up, and don’t believe anything they hear. So they stay home. They don’t even bother to meet the candidates or listen to what they say. Our political class has become so distrusted at this point, that I’m wondering how this country can even hold an election. Maybe citizens are waiting for November. But this is primary season, when we will have the most say over who is on the ballot in November. Where are the citizens?

The citizens are doing exactly what they supposed to do. A well-documented twenty year policy by the GOP to focus on wedge issues rather than real problems left the electorate in disgust over politics. And yet Pass is so fucking stupid she apparently does not know this.

From Charles Davenport, Jr. at The Greensboro Guardian:

Mitt Romney is indeed a flawed candidate, but who isn’t? In one sense or another, every candidate in the GOP field was flawed—that is, something less than ideal. More importantly, Mr. Obama is egregiously, dangerously flawed, and his governing philosophy a demonstrable failure. Many voters, no doubt, will declare the GOP nominee the “lesser of two evils” and cast their ballot accordingly. But the premise is false: there is only one “evil” in this race, and it is definitely not Mitt Romney.

That remains to be seen. Romney could very well end up being as disastrous as Obama. However, because of the disaffected voters created by the GOP as mentioned above, we’ll never get a chance to find out. Santorum and his Tea Party zealots poisoned the GOP well for moderates and independents, who will be voting for Obama, regardless of his performance.

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  1. Baxter Leefield permalink
    April 22, 2012 6:40 pm

    You don’t know shit you Stenchy-Pants.

  2. David Miller permalink
    April 23, 2012 11:02 am

    We all know that your the turd around here…

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