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Rumors of War III

April 26, 2012

Since Brad & Britt aren’t on in the morning, when I’m in the car, I listen to 94.5 FM Rush Radio. There’s a woman named Carmen on in the morning, and she is a real piece of work. It’ll be worth having Obama re-elected just to hear her blow a gasket.

Later, Glenn Beck is on and today he had a conversation with Michele Bachmann about a documentary GBTV showed last night called Rumors of War III, which contends we are being invaded by the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah. Of course, this is utter nonsense and merely a ruse to fire up the idiot base against Obama.

However, given the popularity of this unhinged bullshit and the veiled racism the social retards feel regarding Obama, I’m afraid our local Rush Radio whack job may be emblematic of the base. Should Obama win re-election, and Mitt Romney does not inspire confidence, this country may very well come unglued. You can’t actually approach this argument logically, because the right wing is being fed a steady diet of lies.

After a generation of the Bush dynasty doing the bidding of the neocons and the Saudi rulers, Obama putting some distance between us and Israel and attempting to normalize relations with the Muslim Brotherhood greatly lessens the likelihood of terrorist acts, rather than increases them as Beck and Bachmann contend. Indeed, so long as Obama is in the White House, the Global War on Terror is truly over.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration understands that Beck and Bachmann are the real and present dangers to our security. Just as Sarah Palin‘s frequent use of weaponized rhetoric increased the likelihood of right wing violence, the histrionics broadcast daily by Glenn Beck are overkill, and not only cause his feeble-minded audience to despise Obama, but also to do something about it. You can be sure that motivation will not end in the voting booth.

I believe Roger Ailes saw that Beck’s reckless message was heading to an eventuality no one could predict or control. That wise decision at least got him off the FOX network, but the tremendous power of an imminently more reasonable Rush Limbaugh gives Beck a current reach that may yet generate terrible consequences.

One of the more laughable contentions made by Bachmann in the interview was that our law enforcement has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. They way she got there was to connect the Muslim Brotherhood to the Nation of Islam and ipso facto, said police officers just happen to be black. The conspiracy theory reinforces the audiences’ inherent racist prejudice. It’s great fun to listen to, but insane to actually believe.

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  1. prell permalink
    April 26, 2012 4:00 pm

    Before Glenn Beck became a spokesman for the unhinged, paranoid, radical right-wing of the Republican Party, he was a Howard Stern wannabe with an intense passion for cocaine and booze. I’m disturbed that people actually subscribe to his internet “tv network” and pay to “attend” Glenn Beck University. The guy’s a trainwreck who found God and a way to make money off of social misfits (aka, hoodwinked retards). Good for him, bad for the world.

    • April 26, 2012 4:02 pm

      The social retards love their reformed sinners.

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